Saturday, July 16, 2011

Tomorrow It Could Be Your Dog!

If you don't nip evil in the bud, one day it will show up at your doorstep.

What if one morning you woke up to find out that your beloved dog made it on the list of banned breeds?

You love your dog.  You set off to do everything the law requires. You keep your dog contained and supervised, leashed and muzzled on walks.

And then another morning the police shows up and takes your dog away anyway.

They impound him with the intent to put him down.

No, this is not a theoretical example. This has happened to Lennox.

On May 19, 2010 the Belfast City Council Dog Wardens Department forcibly removed Lennox from his loving, caring family home. After measuring his rear legs and muzzle with a dress maker's tape measure they deemed him to be of a Pittbull type breed.

Yes, that's happened over a year ago.

Lennox is still impounded and living in horrible conditions, death sentence still hanging over his head.

His family is still fighting the system to get their dog back.

If you don't fight evil, one day it will show up at your own doorstep.

Pitbulls today, Rottweilers and Boxers tomorrow, which breed is next?

In Denmark there are already 13 dog breeds banned. 12 more are under observation.

One thing that BSL did? 

Caused deaths and suffering of innocent dogs.

One thing that BSL didn't do? 

Solve any problem whatsoever.

They would get my dogs only over my dead body!

Visit Save Lennox official website and help save Lennox.

Sign a petition to stop Denmark from banning dog breeds.

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Whatever you're going to do, don't do nothing!

Or it will be your dog who's ripped from your arms tomorrow.

If you think that the day is too far away to worry about it, check out this post: A List of 75 Dogs That Are Banned Or Restricted.

All of the dogs on this list are either banned or there are restrictions on owning them one place or another in the United States.

According to this article, somebody some place even figured that a Pug should make the list!

Unless, we, the people, stop this, no dog will be safe!

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  1. Your story reminds me of the Danish lady who had a service dog. An accident had put her in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. Her service dog was of a very rare breed with only a handful individuals in Denmark. Dogs from this breed had never hurt somebody in Denmark, yet they were listed and banned. She can now only go out when she muzzles her dog. Which gives all kind of problems as the dog is not able anymore to pick up her keys, wallet, or do other tasks. She asked for dispensation with the government, but it was denied ...

    Thanks for your continuous support to end BSL in Denmark!

  2. Hi Kenzo, that is just so stupid, isn't it? Perhaps we should blog the story also.

  3. Lennox's case is tragic and even more so that it is typical of so many since the UK introduced the stupid and cruel Dangerous Dogs Act. Just hope they finally win. The case you mention Kenzo of the service dog is just outrageous. Thanks for keeping pushing this issue. It is so important. I see the breed I had for 20 years (Maremmas) are on the Danish "watch" list along with a bunch of other flock guards. The whole premise of BSL is so flawed. :(

  4. How awful. I never heard about Lennox, what a sad story. Thank you for blogging about it to further spread the word.

  5. I wish people in Ontario would understand this, too. BSL is such a cruel mess of a law.

  6. Hi Y'all,

    The Nightmare is closer than you think!

    I posted an article Banned Breeds Do You Own a Golden or a Lab? on July 1st with a link to the list of banned or restricted breeds. There are 75 breeds on the list.

    Here is the link:

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  7. Wow. Thirteen breeds banned in Denmark? What kind of backward thinking is going on over there? I thought European countries were more progressive in their approach to issues. BSL doesn't solve anything.

  8. Thank you all for reading and commenting, together, let's make a difference!

  9. Hawk, thank you for sharing the link. All this is is politicians trying to cover their asses, there is no actually logic to BSL.

  10. So heart wrenching. I signed. Just so wrong to assume each specific breed must all have the exact same temperament as one who may have gone awry. (And that possibly due to abuse.) My heart goes out to the family of Lennox with prayers for a safe return.

  11. This is so disgusting. I am so tired of this discrimmination. It's completely unacceptable. Legislators would do well to actually consider the facts before thry start destroying lives. At best, BSL does nothing, at worst, it kills loving family members for no reason other than appearance. The more we talk about it, hopefully the more laws like these will be a thing of the past.

  12. Hi Kristine. Yes, no kidding. Somebody, some place, got the bright idea that this is the easiest way of covering their ass and it took off like a wild fire.

    Here is a thought. Cars injured and killed way more people, why don't we ban those?

  13. I have such mixed feelings about this. I fostered a Pitt mix and loved her. But I wont let grown Pitts, boxers, etc around Kirby. We don't visit the dog park if they are around. Or leave if they show up. We had to leave one time because a mastiff was too curiuos about Kirby and Kirby showed fear. The owner would not get his dog even though Kirby was up on a picnic table and I was screaming at him while blocking the dog with my body. A year ago a boxer came into our yard and attacked Kirby. He almost died but friends pulled her off. Kirby was on his back being submissive when she bit. A friend has a Pitt who is a sweetheart but I just can't take the chance. I do however feel sad for Lennox and his family.

  14. Debby, so sorry about Kirby.

    Here is the thing. There ARE damaged dogs out there. But banning breeds across the board is not a solution. One friend's dog got bitten by a Golden. Another friend's dog got bitten by a Collie. There have been quite a few attacks in dog parks up here lately, but not once the attacker was any of the "dangerous" breeds.

    That is the important point. California's got that. They have Dangerous Dogs law, but it's targeted at actually dangerous dogs, regardless of the breed. That makes much more sense to me.

  15. BSL makes me sick... I'm glad to see you continuting to spread the word about how terrible and misguided it is!

  16. BSL is just BS, and I speak from having the experience of having nearly a third of my upper lip bitten off by a dog. I would no more ask for a breed ban of the dog who did it (not a pittie) than I would ask for a ban of any ethnicity of people.

  17. Hi Vicky, there is no doubt that there is a problem out there with dog bites. There is no doubt that this problem needs to be addressed. Unfortunately, somebody had the bright idea that BSL is the answer to it - it is not.

  18. Very sad. Banning breeds is a ridiculous solution to the problem of untrained and misunderstood dogs. I hope Lennox is back with his family soon!

    I'm with you - they would get my dog over my dead body.

  19. Hi, this is certainly very sad and I have been seeing this for far too long. Fear always takes you toward what you are trying to avoid. BSL does not protect people and innocent animals are constantly killed for it. Very sad! Stirring up fear to be popular. In Ontario, the premier has defended the legislation banning pit bull breeds saying, the people wanted them to ban put bulls so the legislation was a success. What kind of idiot statement is that?

    Did the people not want to be protected from dogs and dog bites? Legislating responsible dog ownership works better, especially when combined with education, knowledge and facts. But that is only if you care to reduce and eliminate serious dog bites and not just get elected, or sell advertising.

    Some facts maybe:

    I defend my 3 Staffy Bull Terriers and My Am. Staff. rescue (trained from her absolute fear of all people and dogs to absolutely loving most people and being good with most dogs). Always and to the death. I defend all breeds too, but I do consider all dogs vicious unless trained and raised properly. My dogs are all wonderful dogs who are always being trained and I am always guiding their life in a positive way.

    I certainly hope common sense and intelligence take hold again one day, as I know for a fact:

    Making decisions out of fear will never solve any problem.

    PS, I snuck into Ontario with my girl SBT in 2009 to breed her and have 2 beautiful 2 year old dogs now as a result.

  20. Hi Richard, yes, extremely sad.

    Sadly, responsible ownership and education is better but BSL is easier to do. Politicians always go for what is easy.