Tuesday, January 25, 2011

3000 Dogs Treated With Vet-Stem Cell Therapy

It is no secret that we are big advocates of Vet-Stem and stem cell regenerative therapy. Jasmine got her first treatments together with her ACL surgeries over two years ago now. Here in Canada she was one of the pioneers.

Her knees and shoulders are doing great!

There is still some loose skin around her shoulders to remind us how broad her shoulders used to be compensating for her bad rear.

Jasmine's jaws also have arthritis and she hasn't chewed on anything for years. 

Recently she is showing interested in bones again!

Of course it wouldn't be Jasmine if she didn't come up with new challenges all the time.

Last year she got another treatment, this time for her elbow.

At the end of last year she kept suffering with recurring skin infections.

Vet-Stem read our call for help and they provided some financial support for the ongoing treatment of one of their favorite patients and one of their most fervent advocates!

Jasmine is currently undergoing a two IV dose treatment to help out her immune system. She got first IV last Tuesday and getting her second one on Wednesday.

I will write a more detailed update on Jasmine in one of my next posts.

Jasmine's vet is very excited about the therapy and had been treating more dogs with stem cells. Last Friday we found out that her TCVM vet is also excited to start treating his patients!

Vet-Stem has celebrated the new year with the milestone of the 3,000th treatment of a canine companion with stem cells! 

Vet-Stem first offered stem cell therapy for dogs and cats in 2007 and is honored that so many pet owners and veterinarians have placed their trust in Vet-Stem Cell Therapy to treat osteoarthritis and tendon and ligament injuries. Vet-Stem is proud and delighted to hear the stories of the reduction in pain and improvement in quality of life in so many dogs.

Here is one of the many success stories:

Vixen Miller - 11yr old Agility Champion
Border Collie and stem cell advocate since 2007

Vixen finished 8th out of 300 of the top agility dogs in the world in 2005 at the USDAA Cynosport World Games. She earned her MACH and ADCH titles-championship titles from two major organizations. Then in 2006 she suffered a normally career-ending hip injury that left her with a painful bone-on-bone condition. Often, she could barely walk. After stem cell therapy and recovery, Vixen competed against hundreds of dogs to become a finalist in the National Competition.

“I want to express my sincere gratitude to Vet-Stem and my veterinarian for giving Vixen her health, happiness and a pain free life using Stem Cell Therapy. At the age of 11, four years after the initial Stem Cell treatments, Vixen continues to enjoy an active, pain free life. Thank you, Vet-Stem.”
—Shannon Miller, Vixen’s owner.

“I met Shannon and Vixen at a competition recently and what a team! Vixen was the show celebrity because everyone knew the story of her struggle with pain and her incredible will to return to competition. Congratulations Shannon and Vixen!”
—Bob Harman, Vet-Stem CEO

If you have not taken the virtual tour of the inside of the Vet-Stem lab, please click here to see how this amazing process uses a small sample of your pet’s fat to provide stem cell therapy!


Vet-Stem has been providing stem cell training and services to hundreds of veterinarians in the U.S. and Canada since 2004. Over 6,000 animals have been treated for arthritis and/or tendon and ligament injuries, many of which were not responding to other treatment methods.

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  1. Stem cell treatments are very promising. Jasmine should be proud to be one of the pioniers. But above all it is great it has helped her so much, where all else failed.

  2. This is fantastic. My childhood dog had arthritis for many years before she passed. It was really hard to see her in so much pain day after day. I am so glad to know that in the future perhaps more dogs will no longer have to go through that. Thanks to Jasmine for being brave enough to be one of the first to try.

  3. Yes, arthritis can be quite debilitating ...

    When we were looking into the stem cell treatment option over two years ago it was very new and the information out there was sparse.

    Finding a vet who has actually done this already impossible up here (and we asked around south of the border too).

    However, when I was researching the theory it just felt so right. So we found a vet certified for the procedure and took the plunge.

    Glad we did.

  4. Really interesting - I hope it works!

  5. This is amazing to me. I had no idea that Stem Cell could be used to treat arthritis. Thank you so much for sharing and I am glad to hear that Jasmine is doing so well. I look forward to following her journey with this.

  6. Dear Jen,

    yes, it is amazing stuff! Glad you found out something new.

  7. Jana how is this all going? I am always interested to hear how stem cells affect other organ systems, it fascinates me.

  8. Hi Chris. So far so good (knock on wood). Skin and coat looking good, after a long she's even shedding at the right time of the year and her fur is starting to look the way it should.

    We of course take other precautions also, such as regular medical baths, diet ... best to have all bases covered. But she had those before also and still having problems.

    We are happy with how she's doing.