Monday, October 25, 2010

Name Our New Website and Win a Set Of Dog Training Books

I am interrupting my regular stream to bring you a cool news and present you with a challenge.

14 of the best dog bloggers, including myself—didn't figure this was the time for humility, are coming together to launch a collective dog blog.

We will bring to you articles ranging from dog training to medical advice and all points in between.

The site will NOT be ad supported and the focus will be entirely on you, the reader.

We think it's only fair that you get to name it.

The only requirement is that the name you come up with is amazing and that the domain name for it is available. Other than that, let your imagination run wild.

What do you get?

The winning entry will receive a set of 3 dog training books sent to you directly from Dino Dogan’s  personal library.

We will also do something nice for runners-up…not sure what yet, but we’ll make it good.

So…show us how creative you can really be and name our new collective dog blog now.

Comment with your ideas!

PS: Oh, and don't worry, Dawg Business isn't going anywhere! :-)


  1. your site is super Jana!!
    any suggestions?! you seem to have it covered, maybe a bit of humour, haha a happy owner makes for a happy pet!
    not primarely with that in mind did I begin a funny dog blog, which is new yet getting there!
    you are likewise invited to comment / suggest / follow.
    thank you and great work Jana,
    will keep in touch,

  2. Hi Robbie

    Everybody can always use a laugh! Love the cross-eyed dog joke :-)

    Thank you for the compliments. You didn't really make a site name suggestion though :-)

  3. Dear Tiffani.

    That is a great one and one I was considering for my own blog originally :-)

    Unfortunately, this one is already taken. It needs to be cool but available names.

  4. Exciting news! who are the other 13 bloggers?

  5. I made a bunch of recommendations, but don't have a list of those who are in yet.

    I think that Dr. Laci is in, Dino of course. Got a great list but have to find out which bloggers from the list are in.

    You were supposed to suggest a name :p

  6. I look forward to your new blog!
    FYI: is available on Go for 11.99/year.

    Amy S.

  7. Dear Amy

    Love your suggestion, thank you :-)

  8. Best I can think of so far is "Barking up the right tree". I'll keep thinking! xx

  9. Hi Julie and Caroline

    Great ideas, but taken.

  10. Hmmm ... that will take some thinking as everything is taken!

    How about or is also available.

  11. Here's a few....
    Pooch Scoop Co-op
    Pooch Pourri
    The Daily Paws

  12. Very nice ideas. Not available with dot com though, except Pooch Scoop Co-op. Very creative names :-)

  13. Here is my suggestion:
    It is available. Why "dawgs" is clear :) "united" because 14 bloggers unite to blog about dogs.

    If I would win ... please donate my prize instead

  14. Thats a strong entry..thnx Kenzo :-)

  15. I love Kenzo's suggestion. I keep trying to think of names also (but I think I'm out on winning since I'm part of the team?) LoL.
    Anyway, I'm thinking about starting a fight with the takers of "Raising Canine" because that's always been my favorite. Darn them!!! It's perfect...and they thought of it first!

    Whut about The Daily Canine? I'm almost certain that's not taken.

  16. Also, if you steal the names of newspapers, you're almost golden. You could think of a million. Like. Canine Review (or some other word for Dog, K-9, evs) Doggie Gazette (lol) The Canine Advocate, Doggie Dispatch, The Canine Enquirer, Examiner, Frontier, Journal, Observer, Pioneer, Press, Reporter, Times, Voice, Weekly, World...
    ...and they're almost in alphabetical order.
    Okay, now that I've actually used my brain....I may possibly be running slightly late for work before work! YIKES!

    Toodles. Hope this is (slightly) helpful!

  17. wow JJ....those are great suggestions...I like stealing the newspaper idea...Ima check out which of those are available, put them on a short list :-)