Saturday, March 20, 2010

Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy for Dogs: Great News!

Three of the major pet insurance companies in the United States stated they will offer coverage for stem cell regenerative therapy for eligible conditions! Read more about this on the Arthritis in Dogs blog.

Now, I imagine that in real English this means something like “they will cover the treatment if your dog developed arthritis as a result of an injury to his right toe on his front left leg, indoors, on Tuesdays, doesn't have previous history of toe injuries, wasn't running, walking or playing at the time, and you have at least five witnesses to testify to that.” If you ever dealt with an insurance company, you know what I mean ;-)

What it really means though, is that insurance companies are now taking this treatment seriously and will start including it in their plans.

When choosing your insurance see if it offers coverage for this wonderful treatment.


Arthritis in Dogs Blog
Stem Cells for Dogs? Oh yeah, baby!

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