Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Stem Cell Regenerative Therapy for Dogs In Canada

If you live in Canada and would like to consider stem cell regenerative therapy for your dog's condition, here is good news for you. Stem cell therapy is available in Canada, in fact it has been available for about two years now.

There are a number of veterinarians certified for the procedure in Canada. You can find one near you here:

If you are in Canada and decide to go with this wonderful treatment, you might want to be aware of the possibility that you could run into problems with customs clearance during the shipment of the prepared stem cell injections.

We had our shipment delayed at customs both of the two times we were doing this procedure last year, and ended up having to pick them up personally to ensure that they were injected on time.

I have talked to Vet-Stem to find out whether the situation has improved since. Vet-Stem told me that they have managed to have deliveries of the stem cells back to the veterinary clinic within their normal time frame of  2 days after fat collection most of the time now.

However, there have been times when customs delays coupled with FedEx delivery times created a one day delay or the need for pick-up at customs.

This seems to happen about 10% of the time, and it happens more with customs in Ontario than in Alberta. The good news is that Vet-Stem has tested the viability of the cells and a delay of one day is not a problem for the cells. However it may be a problem for you or your vet with your tight schedules.

So please be aware that this  might happen, so you can make provisions before hand.


Stem cells for dogs? Oh yeah, baby.
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